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Reshma Eyafe

Scribal is my new tribe. This unique online community is welcoming, encouraging, talented, sensitive, useful, and super intelligent. These attributes can be hard to come by in creative spaces for a number of reasons - none of which exist in Scribal. I can expand on my comments, if anyone is curious. I'm inspired and proud to be part of its growth. A gazillion gold stars is how I rate Scribal.

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Get Published

Scribal is proud to be working with Wayward Words LLC. Poetry and all works will be published as paperback and kindle editions and developed entirely from within the community (from the writing and editing to cover design and illustrations). Check out our latest ‘call’ for collaborative publications on the Welcome page.


It’s an instant boast to help you get published on your own - plus you’ll get paid in Salt and Pepper. Not to mention the Amazon Author profile and a presence on Good Reads. Oh and other small publishing companies use Scribal as a means of spotting talent for their present and future projects. Join Now

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Vasiliki Petroudi

The tender family of scribal, a warm nest for writers, poets, for everyone who wants to express art and creativity a company of kind supportive people who will always make you feel you are welcome

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Promote Your Books & Content

Already have books out there? Add your Amazon or other reseller links to the library: increase sales and your exposure through link building; great for your Search Engine Optimisation. If you choose you can also sell your works for Salt and Pepper, our virtual currency. 


You’ll also earn Salt and Pepper for submitting content to the library! It’s just one of the actions on the site that increases your score (we call it TSoP) and the more you have… the more you can do with it: purchases, collaborations, commissioning work… and with our growing number of other YouTopian sites the list truly is endless. Join Now

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I'm proud to be part of Scribal, a friendly and safe online community where I get to share and read works from amazing writers all over the world, as well as get paid virtually for my engagement in Salt & Pepper.

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Scribal is an incredibly engaged and very supportive community. Our close knit family of wonderful members post new content to the Caves (our social groups) every single day, with around 1000 pieces of unique content posted within the first three months of our launch.


Our members love to share all forms of poetry as well as short stories, while also offering comment, support and reaction. If you are looking for a friendly, safe place to share your work and get constructive feedback, Scribal is definitely the community for you. Join Now

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John Hinton

I love the opportunity to interact with people from around the world. Gain new perspectives. Read what matters to folks. I love having a community of writers where we can share work.

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The Scribal platform is a fantastic supportive artistic platform!  It has great functionality and friendly connectivity that promotes celebration of art in all its forms!   It is a warm place to share your art!!!!  So much talent packed into one warm comfy place!!!!

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