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Scribal is proud to be working with Wayward Words LLC. Poetry and all works will be published as paperback and kindle editions and developed entirely from within the community (from the writing and editing to cover design and illustrations). This page is dedicated to all current "calls for submissions". 


It’s an instant boast to help you get published on your own - plus you’ll get paid in Salt and Pepper. Not to mention the Amazon Author profile and a presence on Good Reads. Oh and other small publishing companies use Scribal as a means of spotting talent for their present and future projects. Join Now

Current Calls

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Haiku Anthology



The Haiku collection is a one off book to be published through Amazon, featuring a selection of Haiku poetry.


Editors Notes

Our primary objective is to help poets to become published and establish a presence both through an “Author Page” on Amazon and through their Profile on Scribal.


We also wish to publish entirely from within the Scribal community (all poets, cover design, editing and illustrations).


The book will be published as a paperback and in Kindle format (we are also exploring hardback options).

The book will be illustrated - a call will be made for illustrators.



As we are passionate about Scribal, we feel it only appropriate that the theme of our first book be Passion & Love (this includes all related aspects such as lust, desire and heart break for example).



The emphasis is on having fun in the creation of Haiku poetry, therefore our submission guidelines are quite relaxed.


  • Poems should be 17 syllables in 3 lines (5-7-5)

  • Poems do not need to be season related or include a “cutting word”.


Please submit all poetry through the dedicated social group found here. Any Haiku posted in this group will be considered as submitted for consideration to the publication. Please note, you will need to be a member of Scribal in order to submit your work. Membership is free and only takes only a few seconds to register.


Please do not submit more than 5 Haiku. Existing Scribal members may choose to submit Haiku they have previously posted in the Harmonious Haiku Cave.


Successful submissions will be published along with a short “poets profile” which will be taken from your Scribal account (so please make sure your Scribal profile is fully up to date). All successful poets will be properly credited.

All Successful poets will receive 5 Salt & Pepper (currency) to their account, for every poem we publish and we will help in setting up their Amazon Author profile.


We will limit the book to a maximum of 20 different poets and only a few places remain.



Haiku Submissions Deadline: April 7th & Book Launch Party July 6th

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